Linn ja ruum or City and Space was a radio series organized by Linnalabor / Estonian Urban Lab and Vikerraadio, a public radio station which is also most popular in Estonia. It ran in summer 2014, led by Krista Taim from Vikerraadio, with the help of different experts invited to the studio.

The aim of the popular-scientific series was to explain the importance of space in our lives, the development and workings of cities, and how can we influence our living environment more.

The 12 episodes (in Estonian) were dedicated to the following topics:

  • June 4; The meaning and importance of space. With Regina Viljasaar and Kristi Grišakov
  • June 11: People in cities, urban citizens. With Teele Pehk
  • June 18: Space and mental health. With Grete Arro and Ann Ojala
  • June 25: Mobility and movement. With Tauri Tuvikene and Toomas Haidak
  • July 2: The history of cities. With Mart Kalm
  • July 9: Megacities, With Neeme Raud
  • July 16: Streets. With Kadri Klementi
  • July 23: How cities change people. With Mati Heidmets
  • Juy 30: Urban sprawl. With Hannes Palang
  • August 6: Spatial planning. With Pille Metspalu
  • August 13: How do architects make decisions. With Markus Kaasik, Ilmar Valdur and Andres Ojari
  • August 27: Digital space. With Ülar Mark and Johan Tali



Regina Viljasaar, author of the concept and project manager