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Kestus: 06.11 kuni 01.04.12
Kontaktid: Regina Viljasaar, Teele Pehk, Kerli Müürisepp, Kadri Klementi, Marcis Rubenis, Sandris Murins

The Estonian-Latvian co-operation project "Est-Lat urban activists" is initiated by Linnalabor (EE) and the developers of SocMap (LV) with the aim of bringing together the neighbouring countries’ experts of everything urban. The cooperation project consists of Est-Lat urbanists' summer days in 2011, a study trip to Riga for Estonian participants and a study trip to Tartu for Latvian participants in 2012.

  • project leader Regina Viljasaar, regina[at]
  • event coordinator Kerli Müürisepp, kerli[at]
  • assistant Kadri Klementi, kadri[at]
  • Latvian coordinator Marcis Rubenis, marcis[at]
  • Latvian coordinator Sandris Murins, sandris.murins[at]
Perioodi aprill 2012 sissekanded

Est-Lat urbanists continue cooperating

24.apr   | projektis Est-Lat urbanists   |   sisestas teele

Although the project 'Est-Lat urban activists' reached its end date, we will continue collaborating with our Latvian colleagues, especially the people at the Urban Institute (Riga). We are eagerly waiting for the Baltic urbanists' summer days taking place in August 2012 (yes, Jonas?).

What we really need is a joint platform for sharing information about urban events, happenings, articles and news in all three Baltic countries. Hopefully there are simple solutions out there that we can start using already.


Photos of the study trips

15.apr   | projektis Est-Lat urbanists   |   sisestas teele

Watch photos of Estonian urbanistis visiting Riga in March 2012 and the photos of Latvian urbanists' countervisit to Tartu .

Edgar Kaare from the neighbourhood society Karlova Selts wrote a short blog-entry (in Estonian) about Latvian activists visiting Tartu.

Estonian urbanists in one of Riga's suburbs

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