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Kestus: 06.11 kuni 01.04.12
Kontaktid: Regina Viljasaar, Teele Pehk, Kerli Müürisepp, Kadri Klementi, Marcis Rubenis, Sandris Murins

The Estonian-Latvian co-operation project "Est-Lat urban activists" is initiated by Linnalabor (EE) and the developers of SocMap (LV) with the aim of bringing together the neighbouring countries’ experts of everything urban. The cooperation project consists of Est-Lat urbanists' summer days in 2011, a study trip to Riga for Estonian participants and a study trip to Tartu for Latvian participants in 2012.

  • project leader Regina Viljasaar, regina[at]
  • event coordinator Kerli Müürisepp, kerli[at]
  • assistant Kadri Klementi, kadri[at]
  • Latvian coordinator Marcis Rubenis, marcis[at]
  • Latvian coordinator Sandris Murins, sandris.murins[at]
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VIdeos of pechas kuchas

16.nov   | projektis Est-Lat urbanists   |   sisestas teele

Check out the videos of all Pecha Kucha presentations from the Est-Lat urbanists' summer days. See the videos (recorded by Marcis Rubenis) from here.

pecha kucha session (photo by Reio Avaste)

summer days summary

02.sept   | projektis Est-Lat urbanists   |   sisestas teele

Urbanists' newsletter nr 6 is out and ready to be read! IDEAS are the main focus of the current issue – mainly inspired by the Estonian-Latvian Urbanists´ Summer Days in Pärnumaa at Kabli seaside. Feel free to take a look at the ideas that sprang forth during the summer days from the newsletter’s annex.

Read the newsletter U6 and the summer days extra.

click to go to the project site

register to est-lat urbanistis' summer days!

18.juul   | projektis Est-Lat urbanists   |   sisestas teele

Linnalabor (EST) and Fonds Society Technologies (LV) cordially invite you to the Estonian and Latvian urbanists’ summer days 2011!

The weekend event will take place on August 20th and 21st in the beautiful seaside resort of Kabli in southwest Estonia, 13 km from the Latvian border. The programme, aiming to ignite cross-border communication and co-operation, will include a Pecha Kucha session, teamworking and an idea fair cushioned by the leisure and pleasure of summertime beach, sports, sauna and socialising.

The summer days is part of the Estonian-Latvian co-operation project initiated by Linnalabor with the aim of bringing together the neighbouring countries’ experts of everything urban: architecture, planning, landscape, everyday culture, art, politics, transportation, communities, public space, flyposting, skateboarding etc.

More information and registration form available here.

Check who has registered already.

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Estonian and Latvian urbanists start cooperating

30.mai   | projektis Est-Lat urbanists   |   sisestas teele

We are very happy to announce the start of a beautiful friendship among Estonian and Latvian urban activists, researchers and practitioners. Our project was one of the 14 succesful applications among 47 submitted applications that the Estonia-Latvia Programme finances.

The 10-month networking project will involve active community cooperation between the urban activists of Estonia and Latvia, interested in participation in the planning of the urban living environment. There will be number of people to people cooperation activities, including the main event - Latvian-Estonian urbanists' summer days on 20th and 21st of August 2011 near the borderline between Latvia and Estonia. More information coming soon!

The main implementers of the project are Estonian Urban Lab (Linnalabor) and Society Technologies Foundation in Latvia. Information about the Programme and funded projects from here .

2012: 1 2 2011: 1

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